Survivor Stories: Nay

Nay is our second Resident Survivor Contributor. She thought she was fully healed until she started digging deeper. Right now she is in the process of seeking professional help again. There’s nothing wrong with setbacks in your healing process. To fully heal we have to go through all the hurt and pain all over mentally. Nay wants survivors to remember to trust the process and not give up.

We understand that some of Nay’s story may be difficult to read and encourage readers to call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or chat with them online (here), if needed. We also encourage readers to develop a self-care plan.

16. How Can We Heal? This video reminds viewers that healing is a journey and letting go of things is how we move forward.

15. Can Women Sexually Abuse Men? (Yes). In this video, Nay discusses how anyone, regardless of gender, can be a perpetrator or survivor of sexual violence.

14. Sexual Abuse | Impact on MalesIn this video, Nay brings awareness to the myth that men who are assaulted become gay as a result.

13. Pain | Raw and Uncut. In this video, Nay discusses how bottled up pain and emotions can be toxic for anyone. She has learned to pray more as she grows and heals and is slowly learning how to let go.

12. Children with Disabilities. In this video, Nay brings awareness to the issue because she feels that sometimes people live with the belief that people always have these children’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

11. Repeated Sexual Abuse. In this video, Nay explains to readers that, unfortunately, some individuals can experience repeated acts of sexual abuse.

10. Let’s Talk About Substance Abuse. In this video, Nay discusses how sexual abuse can sometimes lead to substance abuse.

9. What is RTS? In this video, Nay discusses Rape Trauma Syndrome.

8. Hurt People, Hurt People. The cycle of violence needs to be broken and, as a society, we must get to the root of the issue. In this video, Nay talks about how hurt people, hurt people.

7. He Came To My Job. When Nay’s abuser first came home, she had to face him, by herself, at her job. It was one of the scariest moments of Nay’s life.

6. Still HealingNay answers questions about her healing process.

5. My Mother’s Point of View. Nay sits down with her mother to ask her some questions regarding Nay’s childhood sexual abuse. The questions were hard but Nay wanted to see how it impacted her mother because so many mothers have been through the same thing.

4. Sexual Abuse Aftermath. In this video, Nay answers questions about the abuse she experienced and how she coped with it.

3. My Darkness | Depression. Nay shares her experience with depression and how she blacked out her experience with sexual abuse. After years of “forgetting” about what happened to her – she realizes she had to come face to face with it all. This entry is in a two-part installment; both parts are available.

2. Reactions of Others. Nay wrote down her feelings about how people treated her and reacted to her. She provides her thoughts on how victims are sometimes treated. She knows first hand because she’s been through it.

1. The Night That Changed My Life. As a child, Nay never knew someone she trusted and loved could hurt her in the worst way ever. Her rapist lived with her and she was around him a lot. In this video, Nay talks about that horrible night.