Survivor Stories: Michelle

Michelle is our fifth Resident Survivor Contributor. Michelle tells her story of choosing forgiveness and healing in the aftermath of domestic abuse, while still in the process of learning her triggers. It’s an everyday battle, but that is unapologetically surviving.

We understand that some of Michelle’s story may be difficult to read and encourage readers to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or chat with them online (here, click “Chat Now” in upper right-hand corner), if needed. We also encourage readers to develop a self-care plan.

4. I Can Look At The Photos – In this entry, Michelle reflects on her growth over the past three years.

3. In Someone Else’s Shoes – Michelle considers the abuse she suffered through the lens of her abuser. She notes that victim shaming and abuser forgiveness is never justified.

2. Maybe It’s My Fault – Michelle wrote this while still in the victim mentality about how it feels to have some constantly invading your space… to the point where it starts to feel like maybe you’re the problem. Violence is never the victim’s fault.

1. In the beginning, he was kind. – In this entry, Michelle discusses an abusive relationship that she experienced at 15 years old. Michelle tells readers about the cycle of abuse she endured and where she is now, six years later.