Survivor Journeys

Our Resident Survivor Contributors graciously share their stories of healing with us. They have free rein on how they share their story and to what extent they share their story.

Nay was raped by an individual who lived with her as a child. Nay tells her story through videos. Read Nay’s story here.

Kristine founded Voices of Hope, an organization seeking to change our culture’s view of trauma by sharing stories to not only heal ourselves, but to heal others. Read Kristine’s story here.

Jenny was sexually assaulted by a friend while in college. She discusses her struggle reporting her assault and the aftermath. Read Jenny’s story here.

Willow assumed that all her experiences with sexual assault, harassment, and retaliation were “normal.” It wasn’t until her school recommended that she go to counseling and started dating her current partner that she realized how much pain and hurt she had experienced and that these experiences were not just a part of being a college student. She is now on her healing journey one that she expects will be a lifelong process. Read Willow’s story here.

Michelle tells her story of choosing forgiveness and healing in the aftermath of domestic abuse, while still in the process of learning her triggers. It’s an everyday battle, but that is unapologetically surviving. Read Michelle’s story here.