What A Trauma Bond Can Make You Do

TW: suicidal ideation/attempt; verbal abuse

A few months ago, I burnt myself for a man who used to treat me less than a dime. Yes, I set myself up on fire and successfully burnt more than 40% of my body but unfortunately survived. Tried hanging myself but my parents entered into my room at time and once again failed in my suicide attempt. Still am suicidal, just because I have developed a highly strong trauma bond with him. In the initial months of our relationship, he used to shower me with love and care. But slowly that changed. He started treating me badly. Started calling me his slave and in turn treating me like one. He used to verbally abuse me and my parents and used to justify his behaviour saying that I cheated on him when all I did was talk to another boy. He cheated on me and when I raised my voice, he told me to forget it. Even after being treated badly and after him being the reason of my suicide attempt, I still continue to love him like anything, because yes, that’s the power of a trauma bond. I’m seeking help and hope to get better and out of this trauma bond soon.

Post Date: August 30, 2020

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