Online Abuse

He made me. I thought we were in love or really good friends. I thought he cared. But he didnt. He only used me as his backup plan. He didn’t have her so he used me. He would ask me to play t or d sometimes I said yes because I couldnt handle being rejected or I didnt want to. He would say oh u dare u to take of ur shirt. I did so he could like me I did wht he wanted. He said send me proof and I said I ain’t sending u a pic of my body Ihe said send it of ur shoulders and I did it because he may think I’m scared or he may hate me or turn against me so I did it. Biggest regret of my life. I told him before dont ask me these questions he apologised but he did it again and for some reason I got sucked in. He would ask me to roleplay our wedding night and I went along with it so he would keep talking to me because he would only message me if he wants to play games and whenever I would say hi he would reply with hi. If he did start a full conversation it would eventually lead to playing truth or dare. He asked me can I be dirty and I said ok again so he would like me. He would say touch urself and I’d laugh abt it but it wasnt funny cause I didnt wanna do it. So I did he asked me did u do how was it. I said man dont ask me that. But I did do it because I wanted him to be happy. He kept wanting me to say yes to being his gf so I did. He said send me a kiss emoji it’s cute so I did but I didnt like it. He just like the satisfaction. He once asked me dares like sleep naked and I did do it he would always ask me if I’m alone before. He once dared me to kill myself and he said he is joking. He would always say truth or dare it’s fun. I knew he love it cause he sended the 😏 emoji. Yeah I asked questions like judge my looks and showed him a photo of me cause I would love that attention no guy has ever gave that attention to me. I simply wanted him to like me that’s why I said yes sometimes also I would say yes for him to stop and just have a normal connection with me but he never did. Also I wanted him not to turn against me. It happened last year but In june I seeked help and understood it for what it was Abuse. He used his power and my kindness against me. Not a day goes by I don’t think about it. He was the 1st guy I actually talk to and he destroyed me.

Post Date: September 12, 2020

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