It’s Over Now

I can hear you laughing, 

And I have to say:

I never, ever thought that,

You were built to behave this way.

You push and pull and poke at me, 

While I try to keep so still, 

Waiting for you to have had enough, 

-For this game to lose it’s thrill.

But the more I wait, the worse it gets, 

It seems this is relentless.

There’s nothing I can do or say,

It’s up to only you to end this. 

The corners of your eyes,

Wrinkle in sheer glee,

At the utter amusement,

Of my unorthodoxy.  

My body goes into panic,

I tell you “I can’t breathe”,

But this just makes you angrier,

And makes your body seethe.

You tell me that I am stupid.You sneer at me with disgust,

“Who could ever love you?”You ask.

 Then tell me I’ll die unloved.

I ask you to remember that:

“It’s me, please take that back”,

“What makes you think you’re special?!”

You spit, followed by a whack.

The doorbell rang it was our friend,

He had come to see us both.

I wiped my face and made some tea,

“I’m well thanks” I said on oath. 

No one would believe me.

And why would I tell them anyway?

You’re the one who needs the help,

And I’m just in the way.

I was such a fool,

To think you ever cared,

I was in denial,

Kidding myself I wasn’t scared. 

I gave you all I had,

And you stripped me to the bone. 

Still I wish the best for you,

While you still wish I suffer, alone.

J. R. Furnival


Post Date: August 23, 2020

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