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With the rise of #MeToo, survivors have been able to share their stories more openly and publicly than they may have in the past. However, we recognize that some survivors are not ready to out themselves as survivors and others cannot out themselves without jeopardizing their safety. We believe every survivor deserves a space where they feel safe to share their experience – we are hoping that Unapologetically Surviving can be that space.

We thank you in advance for trusting us to share your story.

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If you are interested in sharing your story, click here. One-Time Submissions are survivor stories submitted by our readers. Our readers come from diverse backgrounds and many have experienced different forms of interpersonal violence or have supported a loved one who has experienced such violence. Read their stories here.

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If you are interested in becoming a Resident Survivor Contributor (RSC) and sharing your survivor journey, please fill out this form. Click here to find a survivor journey to follow along with.