Gifting the Senses: Touch

In periods of high stress, anxiety, or panic, you might find that using a grounding technique is a helpful way of immediately connecting with the present moment. Many grounding techniques are rooted in the senses as a way to remind ourselves and our bodies that the present moment is safe. For example, one of our favorite grounding techniques is 5-4-3-2-1 whereby you say, out loud, 5 things you see, 4 things you feel, 3 things you hear, 2 things you smell, and 1 thing you taste.

In the spirit of 5-4-3-2-1, we wanted to root our gift guide in the senses. This specific guide is focused on touch (or, things you can feel). Whether you’re touching cozy items like weighted blankets, engaging your body through movement, or using your hands to create art – these suggestions are aimed at helping you feel grounded in your body through touch.

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  1. Weighted Blanket (pictured): Calm x Gravity Blanket – Original Weighted Blanket (includes 1 Year Subscription to Calm)
  2. Cozy Clothes (pictured): Self Care is for Everyone
  3. Slippers (pictured): Memory Foam Slippers
  4. Post-Workout Massager (pictured): Theragun Pro
  5. Leisure Massager (pictured): Back, Shoulder, & Neck Massager
  6. Robes (pictured from left to right): PAVILIA Fleece Robe, Barefoot Dreams Robe
  1. Activewear (pictured): TALA: Sustainable Workout Clothes
  2. Meditation Cushion (pictured): Round Meditation Pillow
  3. Yoga Accessories (pictured): Non-slip Reversible Yoga Mat
  4. Resistance Bands (pictured from top to bottom): SuzieB Fitness Dark Pink Tie-Dye Glute Band, SuzieB Fitness Dark Pink Tie-Dye Long Band
  5. Yoga Block (pictured): 2 Pack Yoga Blocks
  6. Fitness App Subscription (pictured): Alive

Other favorites (not pictured):
>FitBit Charge 4
>4 Pack Apple Watch Bands
>High-Density Foam Roller
>Spike Ball
>Kan Jam

  1. Therapy Dough (pictured): Pinch Me Therapy Dough
  2. Crochet Beginner Kit
  3. Art Set (pictured): Watercolors/Pastels
  4. Coloring Book (pictured): Coffee Animals Coloring Book for Adults
  5. Clay and Slim Gifts (pictured): 52 Color Modeling Clay Set
  6. Cross Stitch Starter Kit

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