Healthy Relationships

What is a Healthy Relationship?

Healthy relationships allow both partners to feel supported and connected but still feel independent. Here are some signs of a healthy relationship.

Both partners:

  • Treat each other with respect
  • Feel supported to do things they like
  • Don’t criticize each other
  • Allow each other to spend time with friends and family
  • Listen to each other and compromise
  • Share some interests such as movies, sports, reading, dancing, or music
  • Aren’t afraid to share their thoughts and feelings
  • Celebrate each other’s accomplishments and successes
  • Respect boundaries
  • Trust each other and don’t require their partner to “check in”
  • Don’t pressure the other to do things that they don’t want to do
  • Don’t constantly accuse each other of cheating or being unfaithful

Communication and the establishment of boundaries are two of the biggest factors in fostering healthy relationships.

Healthy LGBTQ+ Relationships

A healthy relationship is a healthy relationship regardless of the sexual orientation of the individuals in the relationship. Abusers in LGBTQ relationships may tell their partner that disrespectful or violent behavior is a normal aspect of LGBTQ relationships, but it is not. Some signs of a healthy relationship include a partner who:

  • respects your chosen gender pronouns or names;
  • never tells you you’re not a “real” lesbian, gay man, trans individual, or whatever you identify as because you don’t have sex the way they want you to;
  • and never threatens to out you to family members or friends.

LGBTQ relationships, like relationships between heterosexual couples, should also have open, safe, and healthy communication and boundaries.

Relationship Spectrum

All relationships exist on a spectrum from healthy to abusive with unhealthy somewhere in the middle. You can access at the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s Relationship Spectrum, here.  If you feel your relationship may be unhealthy or abusive, their hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached by calling 1-800-799-7233.

Get Involved

One Love is an organization that “believes that the more we can identify and navigate healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, the less likely we will end up in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. Knowing that knowledge is key to avoiding tragedies, One Love empowers people to understand that one conversation, one action, and one person can make a difference and even save a life.” To learn more about healthy and unhealthy relationships from One Love, click here.

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