Welcome to Unapologetically Surviving: Moving Forward One Story at a Time, we are so glad to have you here!

Unapologetically Surviving is a survivor resiliency platform for survivors of interpersonal violence including, but not limited to, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, human trafficking, child abuse, stalking, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual harassment. We hope our platform will spark a movement in sharing stories of healing after abuse.

Often times the stories we hear about interpersonal violence are centered on the violent act itself rather than how that act impacted the individual in other, often unexpected, ways. Unapologetically Surviving offers a safe space for survivors to share their stories of healing. The survivors featured on our site come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences, and will undoubtedly have different futures, but each have a story to tell about how the abuse they experienced impacted their lives.

Unapologetically Surviving means making the choice that is right for you. It is different for everyone. We look forward to sharing what it means to our survivors and, if you want to share your story, reading what it means to you.

We hope our one-time submissions and survivor journeys will show you that there is no right or wrong way to heal from a trauma. We each process and are affected by the events of our lives differently, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help each other through those events by sharing our stories. The stories on this site are anonymous in order to respect the privacy of the survivors who bravely share their experiences with us. We encourage vulnerability and welcome diversifying the conversation around interpersonal violence.

Disclaimer: The views posted by the Resident Survivor Contributors in their Survivor Journeys and one-time survivor submissions are not necessarily views held by Unapologetically Surviving. The opinions expressed are not endorsements.